Reviews and Ratings

I buy a lot of books or request them for birthdays and Christmas, I probably add 40 odd books a year to my collection. Some books I receive for free in giveaways on Goodreads or on other sites. No matter how I come across a book whether it is given to me or I buy it, all my reviews are just my honest opinion, probably badly expressed, of what I thought of the book. Where I receive a book for free I clearly label my review as such.

My reviews operate on the following ratings scale, which is pretty much from Goodreads but I’ve expanded upon below, I sometimes go back through my Goodreads account and look at my ratings for books adjust them. Some books I’ve rated as 5 stars previously have been downgraded over time as they are now no longer a 5 star book to me.

5 Stars – It was Amazing!
Loved the book, loved the concept, the story, the characters and I want to tell everyone about it. A book that leaves me thinking about it between reads, that I want to read when I can, and which I am disappointed to finish because I want to read so much more. I probably buy this book for others and I recommend you read it, strongly. Chances are, if there’s a sequel, it’s already been purchased before I finished the book.

4 Stars – Really liked it
A great book, a great concept and story. Not amazing but really great all the same. A book I’d happily recommend to others and encourage them to read, a book that I enjoyed reading and if there’s a sequel I’ll want to read it.

3 Stars – I Liked it
To many, 3 stars is okay, it’s middling, it may not be a good book. To me, 3 stars is a good book, it’s a book I enjoyed and would recommend to people I think would like it. A 3 star book is a good book that I just didn’t think was amazing, you might do so. My average rating hovers around 3.33 (and is exactly that at the time of writing).

2 Stars – It was okay
Wasn’t fantastic, wasn’t particularly enjoyable but not terrible. I almost certainly finished it but it didn’t leave me clamouring for more and therefore I wouldn’t recommend it to others nor read any sequels. If I haven’t read a book by the author before, I probably wouldn’t buy another book by him or her, though might try one given to me if a strong enough recommendation came from someone.

1 Star – I didn’t like it
Like 5 star reviews, I don’t hand these out often, 4% of the time at the time of writing, and its possible I didn’t finish the novel which is rare or that I really hated it. An example of a book that gets 1 star from me is Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk or War and Peace (nothing happens for the first 200 pages). I don’t usually dwell on these books or write an extensive review, I just finish and move on.


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