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30-Second Theories

30-Second Theories:Title: 30-Second Theories
Author: Paul Parsons
Pages: 160
Read: December 2013
Source: Borrowed
Rating: 2 Stars
A book that explains quickly the 50 most thought provoking theories in science. Unfortunately some of them are known to be in error by even the contributors. The diagrams accompanying the text is basic, and features some theories which are questionable at best to be amongst the most ‘thought provoking’.

As an example I cite ‘Complimentary medicine’ which even the contributor Robert Matthews dismisses as ‘hocus pocus’. It also includes theories that have been discredited by recent evidence such as ‘Snowball Earth’, though it could be argued that its inclusion has some merit.

That being said, reading up on the uncertainty principle, quantum entanglement, panspermia and of course schrodinger’s cat was interesting, if brief.

The book certainly highlighted theories to research in more detail as well as given enough of an understanding to get more of the jokes on The Big Bang Theory. 😉

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