2014 Reading Challenge – Harry Potter


I’ve never read Harry Potter, for a long time I just refused to countenance reading this craze that was happening when I was around 13-14. I vowed at that point that I’d never read them or see the films, it’s something that sounds cool and edgy when you’re a teen. It is a bit sad when you come to think of it as a mature almost 30 year old dad with a professional qualification, to discount something without having read it or seen the films.

It was when part 2 of the last film came out that I broke, the Mrs was desperate to see it and had no one to go with. I said I’d go but we had to buy the DVDs we didn’t have so that i could watch them in order and subsequently actually enjoy watching the final part.

Well, I did enjoy the films, the story, the characters and the world that Rowling created. So this year, due to them all being on television again, I think I should actually read these books and see what I’ve been missing.

While I’m in the doing things I said I wouldn’t mood, as the Mrs does not own the first book, I’ve purchased it on Kindle for her, so that I can try out reading a book on Kindle for the first time. The Kindle being another thing I swore I’d never use.

So far, once I sorted the line spacing and font issues and thus preventing myself from needing to click next page every five seconds, I’ve been enjoying the book and have found the reading experience better than i thought. I still want a larger screen though, Amazon take note.

So this year, 2014, as well as reading the 40 books I challenged myself to on Goodreads (46 last year), I will read all the Harry Potters, and then I might give that Game of Thrones set I was gifted a while back a read.

What are your challenges for the year?


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  1. You’ll love them, they are so easy to read and such a great world! Good Luck!

  2. Hope you enjoy them George! I’ve made my own vow to tackle A Song of Ice and Fire too this year (the Mr got the DVD box set for Christmas). Wow – all I can say is that so far Game of Thrones is really living up to the hype.

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